Windows shell32 animations

This is a followon post from the ‘It’s all made out of pipes‘ post from a week or two ago.

Here’s a bunch of other AVIs that are embedded in the SHELL32.DLL, if you want to steal one of them to embed in a dialog box. I’ve converted them all into animated GIF form for the purposes of this post.

AVI resources in Windows XP SHELL32.DLL

Resource ID Description Size Transparent GIF
150 Torch over folder 80×50
151 Magnifying glass over document 16×16
152 Magnifying glass over monitor 16×16
160 Folder to folder file move 272×60
161 Folder to folder file copy 272×60
162 Folder to recycle bin 272×60
163 Recycle bin file delete 304×60
164 Folder file delete 304×60
165 Set multiple file attributes 272×60
166 Magnifying glass over globe 32×32
167 Folder to folder file move 272×60
168 Folder to folder file copy 272×60
169 Folder file delete 304×60
170 Globe to folder download 272×60

You should be able to reference these animations directly using just the DLL name and Resource ID, but if you want to grab the AVIs directly (in order to convert them into animated GIFs and dump them in a blog), then you can extracted them using the Nirsoft ResourcesExtract utility, which looks a bit like this:


If you’re working with the AVIs directly, you’ll probaly notice that they have a lurid background colour to represent transparent pixels in order to support the ability (on Windows XP) to theme your desktop, so for example resource ID 160 looks like this:

but because I’m nice I’ve converted them to use GIF transparency above.


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