Master of his domain (name)

So as a nerd I need to have a website, and as a nerd who’s been on the net for a while, I’ve had a few fantastic ideas which were definitely going to be hugely popular and successful, but have turned out, surprisingly, not actually to be hugely popular and successful.

Here are some of those domains. Most of them sprung into life in 2009 / 2010 after a I got back from the UK and had a fair bit of time on my hands.

Sites that I thought would be a good idea sometime over the last 15 years

At least good enough to get a domain name for, at any rate. I’ve removed client sites I created during my freelancing days, which is a good thing, because some of these people snapped up hundreds of domain names thinking that was how to get people to visit your website. I’ve kept Jacobi Strategies on the list, to commemorate the many name changes it went through, and because it still actually exists.

Each of the bars below represent a domain name.

The dates are generated from the first and last mention of them from my ‘domains’ emails folder, so aren’t particularly accurate. It’s definitely missing some entries; I remember getting ‘’ back when URL-shorteners were a thing, but that’s not included probably due to the esoteric top level domain. I’ll update this list later probably maybe.

Top of the chart is around 2005, bottom of the chart is now.

Hover over the bars to see what they are. Click on them to see what happens if you click on them.

And because that probably doesn’t work at all if you’re on a mobile, here’s a table:

XKCD #855

Here’s a link

XKCD #599


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