So computer interfaces have been getting easier and easier to use, as we move from command-line interfaces to WIMP, to one-application-at-a-time-as-long-as-it’s-represented-as-a-big-coloured-square.

This is all part of a long-running movement to make your computer so easy to use that even your grandmother (or CEO) could use it.

I propose a different idea, which is instead to keep the computer as a basically functional piece of hardware, but to give instructions to the end user in the form of crochet patterns, such as the following:

This is a backslash
This is a backslash

Which, due to the magnificent people at MicroRevolt KnitPro, I have converted into a cross-stitch pattern, which you may download here, and then use to adorn your wall or tea cosy.

Download PDF

Go in peace, and God bless.

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