Let’s verb the noun

Way back when the internet was young and exciting, everyone wanted to be the new altavista or geocities or whatever. Unfortunately, these companies have multiple syllables in their name, so you couldn’t easily say you wanted to ‘altavista’ up something when you were searching for it, or ‘geocitying’ some content to the web.

So companies like digg, google, blogspot and twitter were invented so that people who can’t handle more than two syllables could turn them into verbs.

“I’m not listening to music. I’m spotifying that music”, you would often hear the hipsters say.

So anyway it appears that Facebook Itself is getting shat off with all these people inventing their own words for common actions, so they’re now enforcing some kind of consistency, forcing application developers to use actual, untrademarked English words to describe the act of reading or listening to something.

So there may be hope for the human race after all.

I don’t really see it happening though. I can’t see people investing in the next new tranche of low risk high yielding investment opportunities if they don’t give it a name like ‘tranche’. I could invest in a tranche. Sounds sexy. Raunch with a T at the beginning. Tell you what, throw in another TLA and I’m there.

Update: Although it appears that if it’s not passive consumption of media then the general free-for-all is still on. I would complain about the whole thing, but I’ve got to go splarge my florbs.

Update: Just came across this site. I was doing OK until I switched to the non-blue backgrounds and was confronted with Envato or Zerply.

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