randomnoun is a Brisbane-based software development company, specialising in creating Java web-facing applications using bespoke, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) or open-source components.

I can assist in the design, development, roll-out and maintenance of software projects.

Main areas of experience include software in the government, banking and internet gambling sectors. Click here for more information

What's new
24th September, 2012 10th July, 2012
  • Added some non-branded plastic bricks as my logo.
15th June, 2012
  • Thinking of starting a blog.
19th April, 2012
  • Glorious weather we're having.
20th March, 2012
  • Added an entry here in the hope that people think that I update this site regularly.
23rd June, 2011
  • Added the Betfair Referral Promo link just underneath this bit.
13th October, 2010
  • Added some past projects to the About RN page
9th October, 2010 26th August, 2010 23rd August, 2010 16th March, 2010
  • Well, got a website up and running. That's got to count for something.
Shameless promotion
Betfair Referral Scheme
  • Seeing as I used to work there 'back in the day' as it were, I feel no shame in offering the suggestion that if you're thinking of joining an online gambling company, you do it using the following link.

    Not only do you get $200 for free, but I get a small percentage of the commission charged on your transactions.