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Create a new DNS record or update an existing DNS record

Your current IP address is

What is Dynamic DNS?

It's a way of referring to your machine by an internet domain name (e.g. rather than a dotted IP address (e.g.

You must already own the internet zone that contains the desired subdomain (e.g. in this example).

How does it work?

By updating the DNS (Domain Name System) to return your computer's current IP address when your computer name is queried.

The DNS system needs to be updated every time your public IP address changes, using any of the clients or interfaces listed below.

If you have a static IP address then your IP address doesn't change, and you don't need to use Dynamic DNS.


You can use the ddclient client to update your IP automatically, using a configuration similar to the following:

# /etc/ddclient/ddclient.conf
protocol=dyndns2 login=secretlogin, password=secretpassword


This service provides a number of interfaces:


You are currently viewing the HTML interface for this service.

Host names and IP addresses can be entered using the two input fields and the green button at the top of this page.


Alternately, you may wish to use the dyndns-compatible interface: (HTTP Basic authentication) (HTTP Basic authentication)


Or even the zoneedit-compatible interface: (HTTP Basic authentication)

*cough* route53 *cough*

Or some new exciting thing I've just thought of that uses XML or JSON, and uses the word 'cloud' repeatedly in the description.

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