A Java client for the Songkick API

So a while back I posted up a Java Bandcamp API client, and I thought I’d also post up a similar API client for Songkick, who do a similar thing but in a slightly different, not very well documented, but yet somehow worth $17million way.

The reason behind creating these API clients was that they were going to be part of a mobile app that myself and a couple of mates were thinking of building about a year or two ago (that we didn’t end up completing due to a combination of lack of interest and actual work commitments). At the time we noticed that the only thing people seemed to do with their fancy smartphones was to hold them up during concerts to take clips of bands at gigs and concerts, and that seemed like a possible audience to sell shiny things to. Using these APIs seemed like a relatively simple way of associating vaguely relevant metadata to those photos and video clips.

At any rate, that never happened, but I’ve got the code sitting here so might as well package it up and see if someone else can find it useful.

There are other Java songkick clients out there, such as this one which looks as if it’s been kept up-to-date with the changes to the API that have occurred over the last two years. So give that one a try first, and if it doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, then you could try this one instead.

So anyway, here it is. Knock yourself out.

The artifact has the groupId:artifactId of com.randomnoun.songkick:songkick-api-client artifact, and can be sourced in your pom.xml from the maven central repository.

Seeing as the API isn’t complete, I’ve kept the version number at 0.0.2; I’ll bump this to 1.0.0 if I fill out the rest of the API.


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